Do ordinary “white” women would qualify as a minority for a business venture?


White businesswoman


Question: Helen B. (Chicago)

Could you tell me if just plain ordinary “white” women would qualify as a minority for a business venture? Would appreciate some information.

Hi:    Helen B. in Chicago,

There are several organizations that can help you, one is called the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. The Certification from this organization is one of the requirements for Minority and Women Owned Business to do business with Wal-Mart. Their website address is   The other organization that should help you is the National Association of Women Business Owners. They are in your Chicago area and can be found at   The Small Business Association has a Minority and Women-Owned Database to help identified the needs of emerging business market opportunities for small business entrepreneurs, regardless of race, seeking to either start or expand their business. You can also find this information on Minority and Women-Owned Business at    #Askrecy


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